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Company introduction

Still worry about sourcing in China? Language barrier, cultural differences, thinking is not in the same channel? As we all know, China is a powerful manufacturing country. Countless large and small factories mushroomed since reform and opening-up, their levels are uneven. Most of the Chinese factories prefer the orders with large quantity, simple technology and easy handling. Let me ask you: did you meet problem of MOQ? Did you stop business because trial orders are difficult to carry out? Now, please contact us. No matter what kind of parts you need, alloy, stainless, rubber or plastic products etc., our team will deal with the matters and offer a satisfied service to you.

Solo Industrial (Hefei) Co.,Ltd. was founded in the year 2006. It is a subsidiary company of Solo Kleinmotoren GmbH. For over 10 years, we keep providing sourcing and assembling service for parent company and other companies. After years of accumulation, we have lots of reliable suppliers in different area. We are willing to be a good partner in your business, be the connective bridge between China and the world.

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