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AQSIQ: to maintain high pressure situation to crack down on illegal quality

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According to the website of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, a few days ago, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued and issued the "Program for Quality Assurance and Liberation in 2018" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"). The General Administration of the People's Republic of China decided to continue organizing the national quality inspection department to carry out the "Quality Inspection-Sword Campaign" in 2018, making every effort to increase the enforcement of counterfeiting and regional centralized rectification efforts, and earnestly maintain the high-pressure situation of severely cracking down on quality violations.

The "Program" proposes to conduct in-depth anti-counterfeit campaigns targeting consumer products that focus on children's products and household appliances, and to conduct in-depth anti-counterfeit campaigns focusing on chemical fertilizers, agricultural machinery, and their accessories; Carry out the “Quality Inspection-Sword Campaign” for building materials products focusing on steel products, wires and cables, etc.; Carry out in-depth action on auto accessories and gasoline and diesel counterfeit “Quality Inspection and Sword” focusing on filters, interiors, gasoline, diesel, etc. Deeply carry out centralized rectification actions on consumer goods, production materials, and e-commerce products in particular.

The "Program" requires that on the basis of the above-mentioned five special actions, first, in accordance with the requirements of the national "doubles" office, pay close attention to key products, key areas, bulk export commodity rectification and investigation of key cases and long-term mechanism construction. We will promote the disclosure of information on administrative punishment cases and fully implement the tasks related to the deployment of the National Doubles Office. The second is to do a good job in coordinating with the relevant departments to crack down on special operations, earnestly cooperate with special rectification operations such as special equipment, “pseudo-base stations” and “black radio”, and do a good job in anti-counterfeiting work. Third, all localities can combine local realities, determine the key directory of law enforcement and counterfeiting in the region through case analysis, industry research, and company surveys. Targeted and focused anti-counterfeiting efforts will be carried out. Working mode.

The "Program" proposed that efforts be made to increase the quality of illegal clues. The first is to give full play to the 12365 hotline, e-commerce law enforcement center, supervision and spot checks, media public opinion analysis, the role of industry associations, and closely focus on products related to human health and personal and property safety, as well as key areas that are prone to high-quality and high-quality violations. Collecting illegal clues on quality and quickly conducting law enforcement inspections. The second is to improve the investigation and collection mechanism of the source of the case and to combine the investigation with the unannounced visits, with emphasis on strengthening the unannounced visits. The third is to play the role of big data troubleshooting.

At the same time, the "Program" requires full efforts to increase enforcement efforts. First, persist in fighting, propagating and co-treating together; second, continue to strengthen joint law enforcement; third, strengthen supervision and supervision. At the same time, we will make every effort to increase the supervision and control of regional rectification. First, we must stick to the problem-oriented, categorized measures, coordinate, and comprehensively manage; second, strengthen the rectification measures; and third, improve the rectification mechanism. In addition, efforts are being made to strengthen law enforcement and standardization. The first is to further improve the level of law enforcement and the quality of handling cases. The second is to strengthen the inspection and guidance of law enforcement work. Third, we must continue to do a good job in building the party's work style and building a clean government for law enforcement.

The "Program" proposes to actively explore the follow-up quality and technical services for law enforcement. Combine the characteristics and requirements of law enforcement anti-counterfeiting work in the new era, establish the concept of service law enforcement, actively explore the follow-up services for counterfeiting in accordance with the actual local conditions, and conduct investigations on the production enterprises of minor and general quality problems to help the company to rectify the problems and improve Product quality level.

The "Program" proposed that supervision and assessment will be strengthened. The provincial bureaus established a law enforcement anti-counterfeiting performance evaluation system focusing on the number and quality of investigations and cases, strengthened daily and regular law enforcement supervision, and actively used the 12365 information system to establish “remote inspection and assessment, flat supervision supervision”. The inspection and evaluation of the new mechanism, increase the administrative interviews and reporting efforts of the zero case handling units, and ordered the units to continue checking the number and quality of the cases, and ordered inspections and notifications; More than just, law enforcement inaction, negligence, malfeasance, and illegal law-enforcement activities, the relevant personnel shall be held accountable.

At the same time, strengthen information reporting. Further improve the level of law enforcement information, strengthen information statistics and reporting work, standardize and unblock channels for information submission, and effectively increase the quantity, quality, and timeliness of information submission.

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