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The characteristics of storage service contract

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 1.A custodian must be a person who has the qualification of warehousing business, that is, a person who has warehousing facilities, warehousing equipment and specialized warehousing and storage businesses. This is an important feature of the main body of the warehousing contract.
 2.The object of the warehousing contract is only real estate, real estate is not likely to be the object of warehousing contract.
 3 For consensual contract warehousing contract. The warehousing contract has come into force as of the time of its establishment.
 4.The storage contract is not contract, can be written form, they can be verbal form.
 5.The warehousing contract is bilateral, paid contract. The depositor provides the obligation of storing and keeping, and the depositor bears the obligation to pay the warehousing fee.
 6.The warehouse is an important feature of warehousing contract.

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