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Procedures for export trade

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 1. Pre transaction preparation
  (1) Carry out the source of goods and make good stock.
  (2) Strengthen the investigation and study of foreign market and customers, choose marketable target market and credit customers.
  (3) The development of export commodities management plan or price plan, in order to negotiate foreign trading plan;
  (4) Develop various forms of advertising and promotional activities.
 2. Commercial contract for export
 3. Performance of the export contract
  (1) Carefully stocking, on time, quality and quantity of the goods delivery agreement;
  (2) The implementation of the credit card, good reminder cards, checking, change work;
  (3) Timely charter, booking, arranging transportation, insurance and handling export declaration procedures.
  (4) Prepared the relevant documents, documents to the bank timely settlement payment.

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