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Procedures for export trade
1. Pre transaction preparation (1) Carry out the source of goods and make good stock. (2) Strengthen the investigation and study of foreign market and customers...
2018-4-3The calculation of the terms of trade index
The rate of exchange of export goods with imported goods. It is also known as the price of import and export commodities, usually expressed by index, that is, t...
2018-4-3The characteristics of storage service contract
1.A custodian must be a person who has the qualification of warehousing business, that is, a person who has warehousing facilities, warehousing equipment and sp...
2018-4-3The role of measurement and testing industry
As an important part of product quality control, the measurement and inspection of enterprises requires more and more comprehensive service capabilities of the ...
2018-4-3Precautions for assembly
1. Ensure product quality and extend the service life of products. 2. Arrange assembly sequence and process reasonably, minimize manual labor, meet the requirem...
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